This is the first time I've ever purchased an herbal medicine/tincture so I did not know what to expect. I was delighted to receive my delivery within just a few days of ordering. The preparation and packaging is made with love and the labels are delicate and lovely. I keep both tinctures at my bedside and one that I've gravitated to is the cannabis tincture - my tongue gets a tingling sensation with just a few drops and is very relaxing.  Thank you for putting so much love into your product line!

- Danielle F.

I ordered the medicine before Christmas and I was so pleased that it arrived in time for me to gift it to my love, my mother in-law and my mom. It was packaged well, so nothing spilled or broke. My partner and I have loved using the Ahh tincture for sleep and anxiety and my mother in-law is enjoying the passion flower.

I feel SO happy that I am able to purchase plantita medicine from a bad-ass queer boricua that I love! I can feel all the love poured into each tincture and it makes me feel more connected to the earth and the divine.

-Claudia M.

We walk through the path of healing justice and medicine making guided by our abuelitxs wisdom and that of all our maestrxs in life. When this wisdom is shared, it sheds new light and nourishes our path to liberation. I had the opportunity to participate in Myrna’s workshops on agua florida, alcoholado and tincture making in Borikén last October. It was an exciting and heart warming experience to be able to learn how to make our abuelitxs remedies and to share, with an inclusive community, our family memories. Myrna’s workshops definitely reignited my motivation to continue community healing / decolonizing work in Puerto Rico.


I first met Myrna at an alcholado workshop at Diamante Community garden.

The people she gathered and herbs she provided, made me feel like I had gone home to my isla del encanto, like I was among family and my ancestors were right there with us. Her herbal medicines give me that same feeling. The minute I smelled her Flor de Mariposa Essence an image of my Abuela appeared in my mind and I could see her beautiful garden. Myrna puts such love into her products and customer service. My package was returned to her due to an error on my part and she shipped it back to me at no extra cost. She is a true medicine maker and community builder.

-Bianca B. 

The Usnea and other tinctures have been great in my road towards self care. It’s even better taking them knowing that they come from spaces of love and genuine care. 

The meditation circle was a great moment to be in communion and in sanctuary with fellow POC+ folks. Personally as I was moving through big changes in my life, I wanted to find space to help ground and affirm myself as I was moving through a lot of feelings of self doubt and worth and although I only attended one session, I felt in family and supported . Spaces like these are magical and sacred because unfortunately there aren't that many spaces that allow us to come in whole heartedly and just as we are. These circles aren’t merely experiences but also an opportunity to connect with folk and learn about how to take care of ourselves collectively and is all in all, pure medicine. 


I had the good fortune of getting an herbal consult with Myrna in October.  The session was a beautiful balance of structure and intuition.  Myrna had a very detailed way of organizing information, but knew when to stop, offer support in the form of hugs and affirmations as insights emerged from her questions threatened to overwhelm my system.  She had a way of witnessing me in a way I had never truly witnessed myself.  The medicine I received from her later was infused with the wisdom she drew out from me as well as her deep knowledge of plants.  I’d get one again in a heartbeat!

- Melissa 

These products are amazing! I purchased a tincture and a salve, and I love them both. The taste of the tincture is not overwhelming, and the salve works wonders on my tight muscles. Will buy again!


Being familiar with Myrna’s practice I had a sense that her products were expertly made with integrity. When I saw her IG post about the Lover’s Cordial, made with Damiana, something about it spoke to me and I ordered it right away. Being a Libra rising/Libra moon, it’s easy for me to get in my head, and as of late I’ve felt particularly so; somewhat “out of my body,” over-thinking, sometimes anxious, and in need of grounding. So I ordered the medicine and was so happy to quickly receive a beautifully packaged bottle with a pretty tag offering some basic instructions. My intuition was to use the medicine in small doses every day until the bottle was finished. I also used the time period as an opportunity to set some intentions and do focus work. The Lover’s Cordial tasted delicious! And besides that, I could tell when drinking it that it was made with love. It made me feel noticeably positive, more grounded, and I seemed to have sustained energy. I slept well and had a few extremely vivid, healing dreams. I was very pleased with the Lover’s Cordial and I’m excited to try more of Myrna’s wonderful medicines.