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Herbal Consultations

An herbal consultation is an opportunity to tune-in, be witnessed and reflect on the parts of yourself and your life that could held by ongoing relationship with plant beings. 

Some of my strengths in creating herbal protocols (plans) and medicines include support with:​​

  • Improving digestion & easing Chrohn's, IBS + intestinal challenges

  • Falling asleep and staying asleep

  • Reducing stress and anxiety

  • Thriving after sexual assault and abuse

  • Bringing compassion to & soothing chronic pain 

  • Soothing ancestral sorrow, grief and disconnection

  • Deepening self-love and self-worth

  • Leaning into authenticity 

  • Caring for self as caregiver or space holder

  • Bringing tenderness and care to depression 

  • Understanding lack of energy & motivation

  • Healing intergenerational trauma and inner child wounds 


Free Pre-Consultation
30 min

An [optional] virtual time for us to connect prior to booking an herbal consultation. It is an opportunity for us to talk about:

  • What has brought you to seek herbal medicine support

  • How I hold space in an herbal consultation and my approaches to plant medicine

  • Any questions you may have

  • A potential referral to someone else if I am not able to provide the type of support you are seeking


Initial Consultation + Protocol Review
75 min + 30 min 
$75-125 for both

This initial 75 minute consultation [phone or Zoom, your choice] includes​: 

  • a personalized herbal protocol document 

  • specific directions for how to take your medicine + be in relationship with the plant medicine

  • additional 30 min protocol review session (can also happen via email communication if you prefer)

  • by request, a Spotify playlist

Cost of plant medicine is seperate and varies (see below)


Follow-Up Consultation
30 min

This 30 minute follow up consultation 3-6 weeks [you decide] after your initial consultation is an opportunity for us to:

  • to check-in around your herbal protocol and how it's going

  • make any necessary adjustments to your formula

  • talk about anything else you'd like to share



-M, Borike(n)/Puerto Rico 

"The session was a beautiful balance of structure and intuition. Myrna had a very detailed way of organizing information, but knew when to stop, offer support in the form of hugs and affirmations as insights emerged from her questions threatened to overwhelm my system. She had a way of witnessing me in a way I had never truly witnessed myself. The medicine I received from her later was infused with the wisdom she drew out from me as well as her deep knowledge of plants. I’d get one again in a heartbeat!"

-L, California

"Myrna is a blessing in so many ways. She lovingly and gently listened to my story and the physical/mental ailments I was experiencing. Through herbs, I knew she would be able to help my spirit. In her healing, Myrna included herbal essences and cordials, recommended certain nourishment for grounding, plants for baths, affirmations and so much more. I felt fully cared for and appreciated Myrna’s thoroughness. In her expansive thoughtfulness, she even provided herbal essences to support my daughter and my partner.The healing provided by Myrna was powerful. I was able to find the light through her treatment and I continue to work on healing."



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