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Organic Ingredients:

passionflower, skullcap, oatstraw, chamomile, rose, lavender, and nutmeg in brandy


Spiritual & Medicinal Powers:

* Calms the mind, reduces anxiety and provides soothing sleep and replenishing energies to nervous system

*Connects you with ancestors in the dream world

*Aids in digestion and soothes stomach

What is a tincture?

A medicinal extract of plants in a liquid - either alchohol, glycerine, or apple cider vinegar. It's fast-acting, convenient and easy way of both taking and carrying medicine with you.


How do I take it?

1-2 droppers under tongue 15-30 min before sleep or throughout the day as needed for stress and anxiety


Comes in 1 oz glass bottle with a Flor y Machete logo label and brown tag. All items made with love in small batches.

Soothe Me

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