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©2018 by Flor y Machete

Organic Ingredients
Cannabis (indica dominant hybrid) grown in Northern Cali, turmeric, ginger, tulsi grown in Puerto Rico, raw honey, rose, ashwagandha in brandy

Updated recipe with black pepper & seashells from Culebra, Puerto Rico!

Spiritual and Medicinal Powers

Nurturing, releases stress, relieves inflammation, promotes deep sleep and relaxation, rejuvenative, inspires grounding and resilience, calls in the soothing powers of mama ocean, Yemaya


Note: Cannabis effects are very mild

Made under the final total eclipse of the Leo full/super moon, the final eclipse of the Leo/Aquarius cycle which began Feb. 2017, and the emergence of the Cancer/Capricorn eclipse cycle. What does all this mean? According to Chani Nicholas: "This eclipse helps us tap into, and explore, the potency of living out our potential when we allow our unique self-expression to surface and take flight"How do I take it?
For sleep: 1-2 droppers 30 min before bedtime under tongue for quick integration or in your choice of beverageFor relaxation: 1-2 droppers 2-3x/dayComes in 1 oz (about 42 servings) green, amber, clear or blue glass dropper bottle!All items made with love in small batches. Allow for 2-3 day shipping.

Say Ahh Cannabis+ Elixir