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Download a zip file of this class gathering which includes the video, audio, chat and trasncript.  


In this online gathering we: 


  • are in community & share with folks who experience or are connected to chronic pain
  • learn about plants, roots, flowers as well as some foods and supplements that can support, hold and uplift us
  • talk about the ways which colonialism, structural inequities, disaster capitalism & environmental racism have impacted our bodies
  • share resources and do practices to release stress, pain & inflammation
  • honor plants and nature as relatives/relationships we return to and cultivate for our continued healing


NOTE:  Plants & practices offered will lean towards musculoskeletal, emotional/spiritual and nervous web(system)-based chronic pain. This is an introductory class. A longer series will be offered in later winter or early spring. 

Plants & Practices for Chronic Pain Class

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