Live organic lemon blossom, citrine gemstone, Mt Shasta spring water and brandy
Lemon blossoms are some of the most amazing, awakening flowers! This live flower essence was made from my very own lemon tree with the flower still attached, is infused with a beautiful citrine stone in spring water my partner and I collected from sacred Mt Shasta. 
What is a flower essence?

A flower essence is a very subtle get powerful medicine, made with flowers, that contains the energectic imprint of a flower's life force.  Flower essences support the healing of our spiritual, emotionaly, and psychological energetic bodies of our beings. They are made by gently placing flowers into spring water under and letting the sun's energy activate the flower's healing properties.   
Medicinal and Spiritual Powers
Lemon blossom -  mental clarity, decisiveness, positivity 
Citirine -  joy &  vibrant energy 
Mt Shasta spring water - deep, spiritual flowering and opening 
How do I use it?
Place 4 drops under your tongue at least 3x a day
What is Mt Shasta?
Mt Shasta has been a sacred mountain for many indigenous tribes: Klamath, Modoc, Winnemem Wintu, Pit River, and Shasta peoples. Today it is visited (and occupied) by many spiritual seekers.
Comes in clear 1/2oz glass dropper

Lemon Citrine Flower Gem Essence