A multipurpose herbal blend that can be used as a tea, in a bath or a down below steam or face steam 

Made under the new moon in Virgo 
All herbs were harvested in small batches or grown by community in California and New York:
mimosa flowers and leaves, ocean-facing yarrrow, wild calendula, rose, rosemary, raspberry leaf, and lavender 
Spiritual + Medicinal Powers
	lifts and holds the heart
	calls in happiness, relaxation and heart opening
	antiviral, antiinflammatory, digestive 
	helps regulate moon/mynstrual cycle, diminish cramps and pms
	helps move through sudden trauma and grief 

Comes in kraft zipper resealable pouch 1.5 cups inside = 24 servings of 1 tablespoon each All medicine made with big love in small batches.

Love Below & Within Blend