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Organic Ingredients:
yarrow + red raspberry in brandy


Spiritual & Medicinal Powers


  • tunes in to what your body needs - either brings on menses or helps regulate heavy period cycles 
  • supports in setting boundaries
  • relieves mooncycle cramps + antiinflmmatory 
  • supports healthy digestion
  • antiflammatory + antiseptic


Raspberry Leaf

  • Relaxes uterus and relieves mooncycle/mynstrual cramps
  • Tones pelvic muscles 
  • Eases diarrhea 


What is a tincture?

A medicinal extract of plants in a liquid - either alchohol, glycerine, or apple cider vinegar.  It's fast-acting, convenient and easy way of both taking and carrying medicine with you.


How do I take it?

1-2 droppers 30 min before bedtime under tongue for quick integration or in your choice of beverage



It is contraindicated in pregnancy


    Comes in 1 oz glass bottle. All items made with big love in small batches.  

    Moon Within Tincture