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Organic Ingredients:

Damiana, Caribbean cacao*, rose, cinnamon from Zanzibar, water, raw honey, brandy, love & full moon eclipse power


*cacao was handmade in the Dominican Republic by our friends! 


How do I use it?


-Sip directly from bottle as desired

-Take 1/2 to 1 tbsp or feed to your lover

-Place in the beverage of your choice  


Spiritual and Medicinal Properties:

Aphrodisiac, inspires deeper emotional and sensual connection with self or lover, increases warmth and circulation, calls in the full/super moon eclipse powers that cultivate balance between romance and friendships with ourselves and others


Made under the final total eclipse of the Leo full/super moon, the final eclipse of the Leo/Aquarius cycle which began Feb. 2017, and the emergence of the Cancer/Capricorn eclipse cycle.  What does all this mean?


According to Chani Nicholas

"This eclipse helps us tap into, and explore, the potency of living out our potential when we allow our unique self-expression to surface and take flight"


Comes in glass 4 oz bottle.  All items made with love in small batches. 


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