Tincture of organic: meadowsweet, dandelion, chamomile and marshmallow in brandy

Spiritual and Medicinal Powers: Supports digestion, relieves intestinal gas and pain, brings in moisture, helps eliminate toxis and clear skin, brings feelings of stability while releasing what is no longer needed

What is a tincture?
A medicinal extract of plant medicine in a liquid - either alchohol, glycerine, or apple cider vinegar

A fast-acting, convenient and easy way of both taking and carrying medicine with you.

How do I take it?
1 dropper 3x/day or 2 droppers 2xday under tongue for quick integration or in your choice of beverage

Comes in 1oz amber glass bottles.
All items made with love in small batches. Allow for 2-3 days for shipping.

Digestive Tract & Skin Support Tincture