Malagueta (bay rum tree leaf),* calendula and tulsi*-infused grapeseed oil, coconut oil handmade in Costa Rica, beeswax, essential oils of bay leaf and ylang ylang, seashell from Culebra, Puerto Rico

*grown or small-batch harvested by Boricua women

What is body balm?
It’s a skin soother and moisturizer made with emollient, moisture-locking ingredients.  It can be rubbed into any part of the body and even used in the scalp and hair! A little goes a long way, so it lasts longer than lotion and is more portable.

Spiritual and Medicinal Properties:
-Soothing to skin and soul
-Calls in the ability to open up while being protected 
-Antibacterial and uplifting
-Inspires unconditional self-love
-Calls in mama Yemaya’s expansive energies of flow, birth, sexual abundance & the cold moist energy of the

Borikén Body Balm (1 of a kind)