Organic Ingredients:
red raspberry, wokeharvested yarrow, hibiscus, mugwort, nettles, raw honey, ginger, seashells + tulsi from Borikén (Puerto Rico), apple cider vinegar

Spiritual and Medicinal Powers
-Decreases cramps, inflammation and pms during mooncycle
-Eases heavy blood flow
-Nourishes entire body, high in trace minerals and iron
-Calls in balanced alignment with moon and mama ocean, Yemaya-Strengthens and tones uterus
What is an oxymel and how do I use it?
An oxymel is an herbal potion using plants, vinegar (apple cider in this case) and honey.  It is a form of medicine that allows you to take in the healing benefits of a plant without alcohol.

You take it by drinking 2-3 droppers, 2x3 times a day under your tongue or in a beverage before and during your mooncycle. 

Who was Antonia Pantoja?
Antonia Pantoja (1922-2002), was a Lesbian Puerto Rican educator, social worker, feminist activist, and early proponent of bilingual education.  She fought for many of the rights that people take for granted today, inlucing billingual education. Unbowed by obstacles she encountered as a black, Puerto Rican woman, she founded ASPIRA to empower Puerto Rican youth, and created other enduring leadership and advocacy organizations in New York and California, across the United States, and in Puerto Rico. 
Comes in 1oz clear dropper bottle

Antonia Pantoja Mooncycle Oxymel